Material and History

“The future is wide open, and it depends on us, on all of us. It depends on what you and I and everyone else does and will do, today, tomorrow and the day after tomorrow. And what we do and will do depends in turn on our thoughts and desires, our hopes and fears. It depends on how we see the world, and how we view the possibilities of the future which are open.”

Karl Popper (1902-1994) Austrian philosopher

Iris Ceramica has always believed in innovation, investing in technology, materials and culture to make sure that its “actions” can provide new inspiration and ideas for everyone who wants to create something that will make the world better.

In its 50 years of history, inventions and innovations have followed one upon the other, substantially changing the world of ceramics and then architecture.

Iris was the first to apply the concept of “Economy = Ecology” created by its founder Romano Minozzi. That was back in 1971, but the concept of ECOLOGY was already a part of the company’s heritage, and it contributed to the creation of ACTIVE Clean Air and Antibacterial Ceramic, a revolutionary material which transforms ceramics from inert matter into materials which effectively act to help the human race.

Its focus on the environment has made Iris Ceramica the first ceramics company to obtain ANAB certification for bioecological architecture, ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certification for its industrial process and EMAS quality and environment certification, as well as conformity to the LEED and HQE protocols.

As architecture has evolved, Iris has chosen the path of collaboration and promotion of the architect’s work, opening a space to host events and exhibitions, SPAZIO IRISFMG in Milan, and founding MATERIA magazine and the FLOORNATURE web portal to make love of architecture into a way of modelling the future.

The dictates of modern architecture and partnerships with numerous architects and designers have given rise to collections such as Ma.De., Metal Line, Progetto Format and many more, up to the most recent, HI-Lite, the only ceramic porcelain tile to measure 3x1.5 m with a thickness of only 6 mm.

Ongoing research capable of combining the latest technologies and handcrafting techniques ensures that Iris Ceramica products are truly unique, thanks to use of raw materials in polishing, lapping, grinding and creating material effects with its own enamels.

Material colours and different, ever-new surfaces and textures are combined with the great capacity for “customisation” typical of Iris Ceramica’s unique designs to ensure that the architect’s experience working with the company is always a positive one.

Our products have been used to create both private and public spaces, from home interiors to big hotels, from shops to restaurants, all over the world, with a single common denominator: the architect’s ideas and Iris Ceramica quality.