ACTIVE Clean Air and Antibacterial Ceramic™ is obtained by the high-temperature application of micrometric particles of titanium dioxide (TiO2), which exploits photocatalysis activated by sunlight or artificial light, to allow the production of anti-pollutant, anti-bacterial technical ceramic slabs, for floor and wall coverings, that make an effective contribution to improving quality of life.

The use of ACTIVE slabs delivers:
- Anti-pollution effect: thanks to the photocatalytic process, the volatile molecules of pollutants are converted into harmless substances, just in presence of natural or artificial light and humidity. The anti-pollution effect was proven by specific tests performed in certified academic laboratories; formaldehyde and nitrogen oxides were selected as reference molecules of the indoor and outdoor pollution respectively.
- Antibacterial effect: Active is 99,99% efficient on all bacteria, from the most common such as Escherichia Coli to the most dangerous such as Staphilococcus Aureus Methicillin-resistant (MRSA).
What’s more, on outside walls where light is present, with ACTIVE the material retains all its beauty over time with no need for detergents or other specific treatments, cutting pollution even further and significantly reducing cleaning and maintenance costs.

In applications of this kind, the natural hyper-hydrophilia of the ACTIVE surfaces, generated by photocatalysis, repels dirt and allows rainfall to wash it away.
Last but not least, ACTIVE slabs have a number of “secondary” properties, such as the significant decrease in odours achieved by eliminating germs.

ACTIVE slabs’ distinctive ability to cut air pollution, improve hygiene and conserve their appearance in given conditions - combined with their outstanding hardness and durability, certified through specific tests such as the abrasion resistance test - make them particularly ideal for:
- covering the exterior walls of buildings, both private and public, for both residential and commercial use;
- indoor floor and wall coverings, especially in rooms where hygiene is particularly important (for example bathrooms, kitchens, rooms for children, etc.);
- floor and wall coverings in the following sectors: business (headquarters, workplaces, offices, etc.) - retail (shopping centres, retail malls, shops, etc.) – mobility (airports, railway and subway stations, etc.) - hospitality (hotels, restaurants, etc.) - health (hospitals, clinics, etc.) - education (crèches, schools, etc.) - sports (swimmingpools, changing-rooms, etc.) - urban (urban areas for specific purposes, “ecovillages” and whole towns, etc.) - wellness (wellness centres, gyms, etc.).

ACTIVE is a guarantee of health for people and the environment, since:
- it acts directly to prevent and drastically reduce harmful factors such as pollutants and bacteria strains;
- it makes use of an absolutely natural phenomenon, photocatalysis (a photochemical reaction similar to chlorophyll photosynthesis), which employs a catalyst, titanium dioxide, widely available in nature and in no way harmful to health;
- the new, exclusive production method developed by the research of Iris Ceramica Group involving the application of titanium dioxide in the form of micrometric particles - rules out all risks for health and the environment during the manufacturing process, application and final use.

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