Curated by Elias Redstone

Exhibition Design: AA Exhibitions
Graphic Design: Folch Studio
Catalogue: Bedford Press

26 January | 6.30 pm | Free Entrance

27 January - 23 February| Monday-Friday | 3.00-7.00 pm | Free Entrance

23 February | 121+LIBRARY EXTEMPORANEA, Via Savona 17/5 | In partnership with Domus

From 27 January to 23 February 2012, Iris Ceramica and FMGFabbrica Marmi e Graniti's SpazioFMGperl'Architettura are hosting ARCHIZINES in Milan. The exhibition and ongoing research project celebrate and promote the recent resurgence of alternative and independent architectural publishing from around the world – from photocopied and print on demand newsletters such as Another Pamphlet, Scapegoat and Preston is My Paris to exquisite productions like San Rocco, Volume and PIN-UP.

The exhibition, curated by Elias Redstone and initiated in collaboration with the Architectural Association in London, features 60 magazines, fanzines and journals from over 20 countries. The publications offer a fresh take on the relationship between man and the built environment – with experimentation in style, content and distribution taking comment and criticism out of just an architectural arena and into everyday life. Together, the titles provide a basis for research and discussion about architecture and are proof that the love of the written word and printed page is alive and well in the digital age. In the exhibition, the publications are presented with video interviews with their creators to provide an insight into different approaches to editing architecture today.
At the finissage on 23rd February, SPAZIOFMGPERL’ARCHITETTURA and Domus Magazine are hosting ARCHIZINES LIVE – a lecture to explore the changing nature of architecture publishing with Elias Redstone (curator of Archizines), Luca Molinari (critic and curator SpazioFMGperl'Architetura) and Joseph Grima (director of Domus magazine), along with other Italian and foreign guests, at 121 + LIBRARY EXTEMPORANEA Via Savona 17/5.

A catalogue edited by Elias Redstone has been published by Bedford Press, London, to accompany the exhibition. Contributions from Pedro Gadanho (Beyond), Iker Gil (MAS Context), Adam Murray (Preston is my Paris), Rob Wilson (Block), Mimi Zeiger (Maximum Maxim MMX) and Matthew Clarke, Ang Li and Matthew Storrie (PIDGIN) address the relationship of publishing to academia and architectural practice, and the representation of architecture in fictional writing, photography, magazine and fanzine culture.

ARCHIZINES was launched as a research project in 2011 by curator and writer Elias Redstone. The website – – was launched with art direction by Barcelona-based Folch Studio to connect the titles, their readers and creators, and enable the collection to grow. The ARCHIZINES collection is now being transferred to the National Art Library at the Victoria & Albert Museum, London. By providing a permanent home for the publications collected as part of the ARCHIZINES research project, this period of publishing activity will be available as a public resource for generations to come.

Elias Redstone says: “The current wave of independent publishing addressing architecture is hugely inspiring and deserves to be recognised. Many of these publications are only in their first few issues and, despite the increasing dominance of the internet, there is a strong desire by architects, artists, students and others to express themselves through printed matter. From fanzines to academic and more professionally-oriented journals, these publications add an important, and often radical, addition to architectural discourse.”

Via SpazioFMG

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