in Mexico, Spain and Italy

On Wednesday 18 October, at 18:30, SpazioFMG per l’Architettura will inaugurate the new exhibition “Gli spazi del retail contemporaneo in Messico, Spagna e Italia” (“Contemporary Retail Spaces in Mexico, Spain and Italy”). Photos, renderings, drawings, scale models and original sketches demonstrate the design approach of three architectural studios of excellence - Ares Arquitectos (Mexico), B+R Arquitectos (Spain) and Lombardini22 (Italy) -, comparing the differences and similarities between the aesthetics, the spatial models and the social and cultural interpretations on which their projects are based.

Eventbrite - GLI SPAZI DEL RETAIL CONTEMPORANEO in Messico, Spagna e Italia

SpazioFMG per l’Architettura, the showroom gallery of Iris Ceramica and FMG Fabbrica Marmi e Graniti, continues its investigation again this year into the contemporary Mexican architecture. After the exhibitions HACER CIUDAD (2015) and LANDA ARQUITECTOS & PIUARCH (2016), this year the Milan-based gallery will play host to the exhibition “Ares Arquitectos, B+R Arquitectos & Lombardini22, Gli spazi del retail contemporaneo, in Messico, Spagna e Italia”.

Three world-renowned studios with varying backgrounds, such as the Mexican studio Ares Arquitectos, the Spanish studio B+R Arquitectos and the Italian studio Lombardini22, were beckoned to debate one central topic: the design of large spaces designated for retail purposes. These spaces are not designed to simply meet the continuously changing tastes of their users but to become, in the broadest sense, spaces where communities can come together and share experiences.

The exhibition displays 15 selected buildings, five per studio, shown during different phases of their design, ranging from the initial concept to the work-in-progress and the final result. Each project is described through photos, renderings, drawings, models and sketches so as to offer the visitors a panoramic and in-depth view of the design philosophy of the three studios in question.

The exhibition comprises a series of suspended panels showing, and alternating between, the projects of the three participating studios. In this way, they create a complex view where aesthetics, architectural forms and methods of representation engage with one another and interact.

Luca Molinari, scientific curator of the gallery, presented as such the upcoming exhibition, that will be open from 18 October until Friday 27 October: “Ares Arquitectos, B+R Arquitectos and Lombardini22 are highly professional studios, both well-structured and established, capable of tackling, in an integrated way, the different phases and complex issues related to the design of contemporary retail spaces. Here at SpazioFMG per l’Architettura we want to compare the perspectives of these three studios via their best retail projects, which are a testament to the fact that these spaces can indeed become platforms where their visitors can live out and share experiences”.

SpazioFMG therefore proposes an investigation into the role architecture plays in the shaping and locating of contemporary shopping centres, as well as in the enhancing of their true function - mediating relationships and transitions and bringing people together.

The exhibition will be accompanied by a round table that will be held at the Cervantes Institute of Milan on 18 October at 10:30.

Moderator: Luca Molinari, Associate Professor in History and Theory of Contemporary Architecture, “Luigi Vanvitelli” University of Campania.

Participants: Carlo Ezechieli, Scientific Director of IoArch; Ares Arquitectos, Guadalajara; B+R Arquitectos, Madrid; Lombardini22, Milan.

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