by Luca Molinari e Simona Galateo

monday april 16 | h. 6.30 pm | Free Entry

Design Week
april 16 - 22 | h. 10 am - 8 pm | Free Entry

april 23 - may 11 | Tuesday to Friday | h. 2-7 pm | Free Entry

During Milan Design week the gallery SPAZIOFMGPERL’ARCHITETTURA (via Bergognone 27 – Tortona district, Milan) presents "Vertigo. Experimental Design from the Far East” an exhibition that guests three of most influential Asia top-architecture studios: Barrie Ho, Gary Chang and Mok Wei Wei.

The gallery owned by Iris Ceramica and FMG Fabbrica Marmi e Graniti shows how building vertically can be a solutions to land-saving and urban high densities with an exhibition curated by Luca Molinari and Simona Galateo.

Gary Chang, Edge Design Institute presents three videos: “Hong Kong as City of Extremes", “Hong Kong as City of New Urban Dynamics” and “Hong Kong as City of Hyper-Dencity and Super-Intensity”.

Barrie Ho shows three vertical projects that represent his interpretations of high-rise architecture into the Hyper-Density: The Mercer, a Boutique Hotel that introduce a new dimension within the low rise surroundings, Zebrano a tower erected as a tree able to transform the low suburban skyline. Kunming World Trade Center, a vertical twisting architecture designed to become an urban icon with the purpose to re-build the logics of boring communist tower typology in the Chinese capital of Yunnan region.

Mok Wei Wei’s part of exhibition in Milan wants to show how w-architects’ found different building solutions in the only country with a 100% urban population – as United Nations classified Singapore in 2010. The sky terraces of the Olive condominium, the Singapore School of Arts project with its ground floor used as a public Space, the Education Resource Centre deliberately suppressed to two storeys and covered by a green roof to create a green lung in the middle of the high-rise. High-density student residences surrounding it are just few of the examples of Wei Wei’s talent and creativity.

With this exhibition, Iris Ceramica and FMG Fabbrica Marmi e Graniti confirm their commitment to sustainability, which starts from production, it’s transferred to products and finds it’s completion in the cultural promotion of research project carried forward through SPAZIOFMGPERL’ARCHITETTURA gallery that in 2012 is already five years old this year.

Via SpazioFmg

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