Certified quality

Iris Ceramica products have been certified compliant with the requirements of the Green Building Council’s LEED sustainability protocol. Iris Ceramica is a full member of the Green Building Council Italia.
All this is because, in the eyes of the company’s founder, Romano Minozzi, the equation ECOLOGY=ECONOMY continues to apply as never before, in the context of the constant prioritisation of Quality, meaning first and foremost the quality of life of each of us. Further absolute proof of this is provided by the latest innovation Iris Ceramica has launched on the market: ACTIVE Clean Air & Antibacterial Ceramic™. This is a production methodology involving the application of micrometric particles of titanium dioxide, which exploits photocatalysis to allow the production of ceramic slabs with real anti-polluant and anti-bacterial properties, that make an effective contribution to improving quality of life. ACTIVE is a revolutionary breakthrough: inert ceramics become eco-active.

EMAS (Sassuolo)

Company declaration on management and control of environmental impact


Product quality seal issued by CSTB (French Standards organisation)
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Product quality seal equivalent to UNI but for Bielorus


Product quality seal equivalent to UNI but for Poland


Chinese quality seal certifying the low radioactivity of materials
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Premio per l'innovazione

A prize to Romano Minozzi, company chairman, for his important contribution to the ceramics industry.


Tests normally required in the US

ISO 14001:2015

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ISO 9001:2008

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Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design
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Product quality seal equivalent to UNI but for Hungary


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