Iris Ceramica considers environmental protection a fundamental issue.

It is Iris Ceramica’s policy to:
- safeguard environmental integrity in the area surrounding its works and inside the plant, to render increasingly compatible with the outside community;
- ensure compliance with environmental and safety laws through constant, stringent controls;
- manage, preserve and, where possible, reduce the use of natural resources;
- identify the significant environmental aspects of our activities, assessing their environmental impacts and monitoring/controlling them;
- guarantee a healthy, safe workplace for all staff (employees and otherwise);
- strive for ongoing improvement of our environment-related results in order to prevent or reduce pollution and bring down to a minimum the pollutants produced as result of activities which, according to feasibility and economic sustainability criteria, can be directly influenced;
- identify the environmental aspects related to the activities of third parties, adopting approaches and promoting actions which could positively influence these impacts;
- maintain active internal and external information channels dealing with environmental issues and the activities/action the company has undertaken to protect the environment.

To attain these objectives, Iris Ceramica has pledged continuous, systematic, and extensive action, concerning the following areas in particular:
- installation of systems featuring the most advanced technology available in terms of environmental protection;
- prior assessment of new products and production processes as well as changes to existing ones, in order to identify and monitor/control the environmental aspects, endeavouring - where possible – to reduce the negative effects;
- systematic checks of the existing plants, with the gradual adoption of the most appropriate measures to safeguard them though upgrades/enhancements;
- continuous monitoring of emissions, disposal of liquids, and use/consumption of natural resources;
- monitoring both noise levels both indoors and around the site’s boundary;
- reduce, reuse, recycle, correctly dispose of all kinds of waste;
- devising actions to prevent and reduce environmental incidents;
- issuing, disseminating and updating corporate procedures for the management of our own production and ecological systems in normal, abnormal and emergency conditions;
- maintaining, through training, the maximum professionalism of our staff, in particular the newly hired members, with an eye to the enrichment of the staff as a whole;
- informing our suppliers of goods and services of the main beliefs of our environment policy in order to establish a dynamic and cooperative relationship;
- periodically reviewing plans, systems and goals, including therein through environmental audits.

To maintain and improve the results achieved in these areas, it is vital to ensure the participation and committed cooperation of the entire staff and its representatives.

Guarantee staff safety and environmental protection must constitute a commitment and a moral responsibility towards those who work within the company’s sphere and the outside community:
- everyone, within the scope of the respective assignments and responsibilities, must consider environmental protection, health and safety in the workplace and as key issues and an integral and inseparable parts of their working activities;
- everyone is called upon to make suggestions to improve their own area of work: Iris Ceramica encourages open, constructive dialogue with all staff members and all official control bodies assigned to monitor its working activities;
- the activities of other parties operating in the plant must be carried out in safe conditions and with respect for the environment; therefore, it is the company’s responsibility to implement appropriate action to attain these objectives, without infringing on the contractor’s right to manage their activity independently.

This policy provides a reference framework within which to establish and review the company’s environmental aims and targets.
Iris Ceramica is a people’s company; it has invested and will continue to invest all the human, or rather “economic and ecologic”, resources it can in the love it has for this region and its future and for the love of its primary resource, nature.