Iris Ceramica Stand – Cersaie 2018

The Iris Ceramica stand designed by Area-17 for Cersaie 2018 expresses all its ability to interpret modern spaces synergistically, with a use of material that is never banal. This year inspiration comes from co-working spaces, with their new ways of creating relationships and doing business, corresponding to new architectural language.

In an ideal setting where work and leisure spaces blend, the concept of a “talent pool” is born, here reinterpreted in an ironic key with a fake swimming pool in the marble-effect Azul Macaubas slab with an aquatic material nature: the focal point of the whole stand. The ‘swimming pool’ has a balcony border with casual chairs and an inner lounge area set around a water bar that serves various types of water on tap. The talent pool is viewed through porthole-shaped openings along the outer perimeter and the volumes overlooking it.

At the sides, a series of beach huts created in the brightly coloured variants of the new MAXFINE Onyx offer alternating domestic spaces and work booths, from a protected niche for phone calls to an area for one-to-one business meetings. The interpretation of the work spaces continues with two more kinds of meeting rooms that become more formal in their colours and decor, in an evolution of functionality that is also a metaphor for the evolution of scenarios in daily life.

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