Corporate philosophy

Quality and innovation: one step further

“Innovation becomes not merely an aim but the underlying motor of a new strategy, a unifying principle that brings together the most change-oriented forces both inside and outside firms. New lifestyles demand new products. Fresh priorities, such as those of the environment inside and outside homes, offices and public buildings, lead to the updating of the models for use of materials.”

Ecology and Development

In formulating its corporate philosophy and concretely defining its tasks, ever since it was established Iris Ceramica has focused on the primary goals of protecting the environment, preventing pollution, complying with legislation, defining a reference framework for establishing goals and achieving milestones for improvement that are unique in the world. Respect for the environment is a result of the great value Iris Ceramica has always recognised in the land where it is based: a land rich in clays and home to a tradition of working with ceramics which dates back thousands of years, as demonstrated by remains of kilns from Republican Rome. Ceramic is in fact a natural product, a combination of earth and fire, a human creation which marries, protects and draws on the vital elements that surround us. Technological innovation is an attempt to improve quality of life in order to guarantee a future “on a human scale”. Artistic talent serves the beauty of nature as well as serving humanity. Because beauty is always sustainable.

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