Cleaning and maintenance

The term “cleanability” identifies the capacity of a material to allow the removal of the dirt and dust deposited on the surface, so as to ensure the necessary standard of hygiene. Iris Ceramica materials offer a high level of cleanability thanks to their compactness and unsurpassable impermeability factor.

Cleaning for the first time

After completing the various laying phases, there is just one thing left to do: cleaning. Adequate cleaning enhances the aesthetic qualities of the laid material, whilst also establishing that level of cleanability typical of Iris Ceramica materials.
We recommend applying acid-based detergents, diluted according to the manufacturer’s instructions, to small areas of the floor, leaving them in place for a few minutes and then removing them with a rough cloth. It is absolutely essential to rinse the floor afterwards with plenty of clean water. However, before cleaning on this scale, it is always advisable to check the tiles’ resistance to the detergent and the type of cleaning you intend to perform by working on a small area first, thus avoiding alterations to the floor surface.

Ordinary cleaning

Use microfibre cloths to clean the floor with clean lukewarm water and neutral detergent diluted according to the instructions. Iris Ceramica products do not require special treatments.

Special cleaning or deep cleaning

Clean the floor with a rough cloth soaked in lukewarm water and basic detergent for organic dirt (grease, oil, foods) and acid detergent for inorganic dirt, cement and limescale.
At the end of this process, rinse the floor with clean lukewarm water.


You may use any detergent available on the market, at the prescribed concentration, with the exception of hydrofluoric (HF) acid or its compounds. However, it is always advisable to test the resistance of the material on a small area first, in order to avoid alterations to the floor surface.