Devised by international architecture and design studio Area-17, the Iris Ceramica showroom, which includes an 8,000 square meter display area, was designed to create a clear, distinctive visual identity by compiling and showcasing particular features of the brand and its various style concepts.  The highly impactive architectural shell combined with a major re-thinking of social spaces, key to the entire design, offers customers and visitors a comfortable, welcoming environment. The “Clubhouse”, a separate yet accessible space which acts as a hub for social interaction, incorporates a reception, lounge bar, meeting area, technical services and offices, and connects the various display areas. Adjustable louvers around its perimeter enable flexible, visual and practical management of the apertures since they open onto the areas radiating around this hub. 

Striking room sets are revealed behind sliding panels which simultaneously display products and act as architectural furnishings, consistent with the clarity and practicality typical of the entire project. A variety of masterful furnishing styles gradually reveal to visitors the limitless creative potential of Iris Ceramica signature ceramics.

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