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Diesel Living with Iris Ceramica is one of the most innovative brands in the high quality ceramics sector. Launched in 2015-2016, it combines unmistakable Diesel Living Style Office designs with Iris Ceramica R&D Department’s expertise. Constant dialog between culture, radically different approaches and diverse expertise focuses on a common vision, creating an unprecedented, powerful statement in contemporary style.
The collections, which received immediate acclaim from both the market and critics, are defined by their powerful experimental design ideas and cutting-edge visual impact.
Eye-catching Diesel Living with Iris Ceramica designs for walls and floors are at the forefront of diverse style concepts. They explore distant worlds and cultures, revealing a stunning, pioneering vision of the future.

Making Of

The partnership between Iris Ceramica and Diesel Living has created new floor and wall tiling solutions inspired by the industrial and metropolitan world, for truly eye-catching contemporary homes. Different, opposing patterns such as cement surfaces or visually delicate surfaces move together in a well-reasoned or fantastic game.


Underground inspiration

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