Tomorrow’s Living Space: the future of interior design is rock

The partnership between Iris Ceramica and Diesel Living takes iconic Made in Italy design to the next level

Diesel Living with Iris Ceramica is one of the most innovative brands in the high quality ceramics sector. Launched in 2015-2016, it combines unmistakable Diesel Living Style Office designs with Iris Ceramica R & D Department’s expertise. Constant dialog between culture, radically different approaches and diverse expertise focuses on a common vision, creating an unprecedented, powerful statement in contemporary style.

The collections, which received immediate acclaim from both the market and critics, are defined by their powerful experimental design ideas and cutting-edge visual impact. Eye-catching Diesel Living with Iris Ceramica designs for walls and floors are at the forefront of diverse style concepts. They explore distant worlds and cultures, revealing a stunning, pioneering vision of the future.

Diesel Living with Iris Ceramica re-imagines ceramics in aged metal, oxidized glass, abraded concrete, charred wood and well-worn fabric. Urban, industrial style with a vintage edge creates up-to-the-minute, breathtaking designs.

A huge variety of textures, effects and formats, resulting from our ongoing search for stimuli, influences, true-to-life reproductions and style inspiration. The Diesel Living with Iris Ceramica project is the focal point for ideas, talent and creativity with absolute freedom of expression and design.

We are proud of having embarked on our partnership with Diesel, one of the leading players in the fashion and lifestyle industry. Our technical expertise in prototyping and manufacturing products and the Venetian brand’s trend-setting outlook successfully combine to deliver alternative, distinctive solutions for the world of interior design.

Federica Minozzi, CEO Iris Ceramica Group

The Made in Italy partnership continually re-imagines new collections for the domestic, contract and retail sectors. State-of-the-art surfaces with a bold, dynamic look, sometimes radical and ironic, which combine industrial style, a rock & roll attitude and pop accents.