To request digital catalogues compatible with 3D software

Irisnet, 3D Design software

3D\2D interior design software. Easy to use, professional features.
Ideal for resellers, architects and designers.
Specialised software for laying floor and wall tiles, both indoors and outdoors – highly realistic rendering.


  • photorealistic rendering, materials accounting and technical printouts of detailed laying patterns
  • digital catalogues (large format tiles and panels) are divided into product series
  • product search by description, code, format, collection and series
  • realistic large format tile surface textures
  • furnishings library with elements taken from the most prestigious brands



Italian, English, German, French, Czech and Spanish

Units of measurement:

m, cm, mm and inches (metric and imperial)
Software available on Dvd [article code: LV1313]

For technical info

System requirements (recommended minimum)

Win/Mac OS: Windows® Seven (32 and 64 bits), Vista, XP, 2000


Pentium®, AMD® for Windows, Intel Xeon for Mac OS X [on Apple computers, Irisnet runs in the Windows environment]




4Gb of free space
DVD reader
Colour printer (optional)


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