At Cersaie 2022, Iris Ceramica presents Bottega d’Arte: a project dedicated to high-end red body claddings that echo the beauty of manual craftsmanship.

As announced at the last Milan Design Week, Cersaie is the ideal setting for an official presentation of the Iris Ceramica Bottega d'Arte project.

These refined haute-couture ceramic claddings evoke craftsmanship. The project expresses identity and local roots through the processing of red clay, a material that has forever been a feature of the Iris Ceramica Group brand.

Bottega d’Arte focuses on the value of craftsmanship, enhancing the know-how of traditional processes to rewrite the aesthetic codes of “handmade” products. Technological and industrial skills are combined in the workshop with experience and experimentation to produce new and incredible ceramic cladding solutions. Iris Ceramica is recovering its red clay processing techniques, applying its industrial skills to craftsmanship, adding a “handmade” flavor to the material. The result is a material as beautiful as a work of art, with which indoor environments can be exquisitely dressed.

With the Bottega d’Arte Terracotta, Iris Ceramica intends to restore nobility to the history of ceramics, promoting its manufacture, craft and creative know-how, combining art with design and the world of fashion, while at the same time re-evaluating sustainable, local ceramics.

Five finishes are available in a single 15x15cm size, to demonstrate the charm and beauty of red clay: TerreLustrate, TerreLucide, TerreCotte, TerreCotte Oro and TerreLucide Oro.

The color palette embraces three broad color families:

- natural, which highlights the opacity of the colors and enhances the shades with a satin feel;

- shiny and reflective, which create a soft and shiny effect, accentuating the intense chromatic variations;

- polished, full of pearly iridescent reflections that illuminate the material and make the chromatic tones bright and vivid.

Bottega d’Arte combines craftsmanship with the artistic skill, experimentation and technological ability of Iris Ceramica. Building on a strong blend of traditional aesthetics with contemporary accents, it captures the attention of designers as a style and elegance trend setter, on a par with haute couture fashion houses.

The very name Bottega d'Arte (literally “art workshop”) reveals all its significance and meaning, referring on the one hand to the Art and Crafts movement of William Morris, who fought to give the so-called “minor arts” the same dignity as the so-called "fine arts", and on the other to an intimate relationship with production, as in a Renaissance workshop; not simply an experimentation laboratory, but rather a space in which truly timeless works come to life.