Architect@Work - Berlino 2013: large Iris Ceramica tiles for Germany’s architects

An event not to be missed for architects and interior designers, Architect@Work comes to Berlin from 23rd-24th October 2013.
Iris Ceramica will take part in the event, presenting the most interesting innovations in terms of both ceramic-applied technology and design, in its broad range of products.

The public at the event will see materials from the HiLite range, which, thanks to their large 300x150 cm size, offer unexpected creative possibilities. The collection, which is entirely made in Italy, has been created with new technology, producing a through-body porcelain tiles just 6 mm thick.
Hi-Lite’s advanced design and technical features are enhanced by decorations that complete the range and it is available in the MetalXXL collection in two versions: “Metal” , with a natural and textured surface and “Chrome” , with a lapped surface showing the chromatic and refractive variations that are the unique properties of metal.

In contrast with these high-tech, large size 300x150 tiles is the Terre collection, which also offers original composition possibilities and reinterprets traditional country floors and coverings in a contemporary key.
The simplicity of tiles in the Terre collection offer the appeal of the touch of raw material marked and enhanced by the effects of the weather. The colours include the natural effects of Terre Argilla and Terre Creta together with the metallic shades of Terre Ruggine to create expressive, personal spaces.

With the Iris Ceramica collections, Architect@Work aims to show how tradition and modern design can live together in harmony.

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