Iris Ceramica presents Bottega d’Arte at Milan Design Week: an haute couture ceramics project which brings to life an exhibition combining art and craftsmanship at the iconic Galleria Rossana Orlandi.

Bottega d’Arte by Iris Ceramica originates from the traditional red clay production process. Zero-km clay manufacturing techniques combine craftsmanship with cutting-edge technology, re-imagining the noble red body ceramics with a “handmade” look. Bottega d’Arte terracotta is a direct result of the heritage and artistic sensibilities that differentiate the Iris Ceramica brand.

To showcase Bottega d’Arte’s artistic and artisan spirit, Iris Ceramica is proud to present its Terracotta designs at the annual event RoCOLLECTIBLE 2023 - an exclusive selection of designs curated by Galleria Rossana Orlandi – and be a partner of the iconic initiative Ro m100 Dinner.
At Galleria Rossana Orlandi, Bottega d’Arte is the focus of attention in a sensational installation that creates an interplay of light and shadow, colors, reflections, shapes and effects. On the one hand, rich colors with both vivid and soft tones and, on the other, geometric patterns that update iconic 1970s designs, drawing once again on artisan know-how coupled with the brand's history and visual identity.

With Bottega d’Arte Iris Ceramica rediscovers the importance of craftsmanship and revives red clay production methods, making use of its industrial resources combined with manufacturing expertise to add the cachet of "handmade” to these ceramics. On the one hand red clay implies manual skills, on the other the concept of “bottega” references craftsmanship and a vision which unites materials, research and experimentation.  Bottega d’Arte finds creative expression in this, offering a single format, 15x15cm, reimagined in five finishes: TerreLustrate, TerreLucide, TerreCotte, TerreCotte Oro and TerreLucide Oro.

The color palette embraces three broad color families:

-  natural, which highlights the opacity of the colors and enhances the shades with a satin feel;

-  shiny and reflective, which create a soft and shiny effect, which accentuates the intense chromatic variations;

-  polished, teeming with pearly iridescent reflections that illuminate the ceramics and make the chromatic tones bright and vivid.

Heritage and innovation create traditional yet at the same time contemporary aesthetic designs, in a structured range of finishes and colors, serving as a trendsetter of style and elegance on a par with haute couture fashion houses.

Bottega d’Arte

c/o Iris Ceramica Group Showroom

Via Santa Margherita 4, Milan

April 17 - 23 Hours 10.00 – 18.00

FuoriSalone 2023 Installation
c/o Galleria Rossana Orlandi

Via Matteo Bandello, 14 – 16 Milan

April 17 - 23 Hours 10.00 – 18.30