Disruptive Thinking, a talk with Federica Minozzi e Andrea Rosso

In their talk Disruptive Thinking, Federica Minozzi and Andrea Rosso discussed the partnership established under the Diesel Living with Iris Ceramica brand, as well as the intermingling between the worlds of ceramic and fashion

Creative alchemy, a desire to experiment and a determination to keep pushing the envelope: a perfect blend of these elements has produced projects with unparalleled expressive power.

Disruptive Thinking is the title of the talk given on Monday 25 September 2023 by Federica Minozzi, CEO of Iris Ceramica Group, and Andrea Rosso, Creative Director of Diesel Living.

The two entrepreneurs talked about the partnership that has seen the two companies joining forces since 2016 under the Diesel Living with Iris Ceramica brand, in which an extraordinary level of creative alchemy combined with a great deal of passion, an ability to intercept trends and a determination to think outside the box have characterised every project. The worlds of ceramic and fashion come together, influence one another and merge to create projects in which ceramic surfaces take on a wholly new emotional dimension, promoting non-canonical aesthetic codes and hybridised forms of beauty.

The backdrop for the discussion was the spectacular Diesel Living with Iris Ceramica space within Iris Ceramica’s Modena showroom: fresh from a complete renovation, it welcomed guests with the latest creations, all highly immersive and distinctive, with a deep, enigmatic and magnetic character.