The new App developed by Iris Ceramica and FMG Fabbrica Marmi e Graniti is all about technology with a focus on ecology.
Combining the two companies’ materials in a single App allows users to benefit from a complete presentation of everything the two brands have to offer: from Iris Ceramica’s enamelled porcelain and Semigres collections for residential use to FMG’s solid porcelain collections. An in-depth overview of the history of these ceramic tiles, covering all applications and ranging from classic 20x20 cm tiles to big HiLite and Maxfine tiles, now available for the first time in the 300x150 size.

An App designed for easy, intuitive, inspiring consultation of the range. Starting with a colour or an application, as the gateway to the world of Iris Group's tiles: a complete range that can add life to residential and commercial spaces alike, with tiles appropriate for hotels, shopping centres and offices as well as homes.
A tool of use to both professionals and homeowners.

Browsing in the App makes it easy to find information and suggestions, recommending combinations of floor and wall tiles, collections and colours. You can discover the myriad of possibilities offered by the Iris Group's range on the basis of a choice of colour or surface finish. You can select the desired size or application: it’s easy to make your choice among floor tiles, wall tiles, ventilated walls, raised floors, indoor and outdoor applications, elegant decorations or big tiles for architecture with photographs of projects built using materials in the range and images of a great variety of different projects illustrating the Iris Group’s work all over the world. The App enriches the experience of consulting an ordinary catalogue, making it possible to interact with product catalogues and combining studies, materials and companies that have different products to offer, coming up with original solutions to meet all your needs.

Floornature Choice

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