Iris Ceramica together with Modena Volley discuss shared values of cooperation and team spirit

On Wednesday, 19th February the Iris Ceramica showroom hosted again this remarkable event which saw Federica Minozzi, Iris Ceramica Group CEO, team Sports Director Andrea Sartoretti, Modena Volley coach Andrea Giani, and players Micah Christenson, Maxwell Holt and Matt Anderson take center stage. Moderator: Gianpaolo Maini.

The event, reserved for members of holding Iris Ceramica Group, aimed to raise awareness of the importance of collaboration and teamwork, and focused on the Group’s latest activities in respect of developing the region and Italian excellence which began with the launch of the Iris Ceramica Group Foundation. The Foundation project provides for the distribution of resources to develop human capital and share knowledge, further strengthening established links with the region.

The incredible team spirit between Iris Ceramica and Modena Volley reaffirms both bodies’ promotion of and support for the importance of developing the region. This mutual dialog illustrates shared values, professionalism and team spirit, confirming and strengthening the fundamental principles on which the strong relationship between the two organizations is based.

As Federica Minozzi commented:

“I am proud to welcome today the resoundingly successful volleyball team Modena Volley. I believe we can draw a huge parallel between the teamwork at Iris Ceramica and that of Modena Volley. Winning a game is like winning over challenges, it is not enough to know how to do something well, you need to do it better than the others. And Modena Volley demonstrates how teamwork is the winning solution”.

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