Hypnotic, evocative, experimental: the latest Diesel Living with Iris Ceramica collections

Continuing the successful partnership between Iris Ceramica and Diesel Living, setting the standard in premium technical ceramics since 2016. Combining innovation, research and experimentation, the two companies present three new collections which will once again astound and thrill customers.

Alurock, with an underground-inspired, non-conformist look, explores metal in all its diverse varieties. The various surfaces, in neutral and cool shades feature discoloration, drips and abrasions. Deliberately imperfect, they achieve a perfect balance between past and present. Reinterpreting the seductive lights of the city, City Lights, tiles have a dynamic, imaginative energy. The palette of eight iridescent shades delivers hypnotic, enveloping surfaces to personalize spaces with a cosmopolitan, contemporary mood. Liquid Stone, featuring a primeval, volatile look, is a markedly tactile collection, inspired by the magnetism of the origin of rock. Striking, creative vitality commandeers ceramics, in a swirling fusion of fluid dynamic designs. The range of almost dancing shades includes black, light gray, beige and brown. With Alurock, City Lights and Liquid Stone, Diesel Living with Iris Ceramica confirms its ability to amaze, with daring, audacious designs that re-imagine diverse worlds and experiences with unprecedented concepts. Three innovative, on-trend collections exude powerful individualism for residential, commercial or public spaces.

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