Iris Ceramica and Modena Volley talk about the importance of teamwork

Iris Ceramica and Azimut Leo Shoes @Modena Volley talk about the importance of teamwork

On Wednesday, 6 February the Iris Ceramica showroom hosted a meeting between Iris Ceramica Group CEO Federica Minozzi and Modena Volley general director Andrea Sartoretti, coach Julio Velasco, captain Ivan Zaytsev and players Micah Christenson and Maxwell Holt, with Gianpaolo Maini as moderator.

The meeting, open to Iris Ceramica Group members, emphasised the importance of collaboration and teamwork, both on the volleyball court and in the everyday life of a major corporation.

A spirit of collaboration and teamwork is essential for achieving goals, not only in a group like the Iris Ceramica Group, but in the well-established partnership between Iris Ceramica and the Modena Volley team the company sponsors, which has achieved fantastic results over the years and is deeply rooted in its local community. Federica Minozzi comments:
“A great company and a great brand: great corporations convey important values that ideally represent the place they come from all over the world. We have always believed in the importance of promotion of the place we work in, and we do a lot to promote and support it, receiving what it has to offer us and returning it in a profitable dialogue of ongoing exchange.”

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