Following the official opening at Politecnico di Milano’s Piacenza campus, SPAZIOFMG PER L‘ARCHITETTURA hosts the important first stop in Milan of the travelling exhibition “Migrant Garden. Untouchable Landscapes”, featuring 40 model houses designed by some of the world’s most intriguing architects and designers with an exclusive contribution by Bernard Khoury for the current edition only.

15th October 2015 – 6.30 pm | Free Admission

15th October – 20th November 2015
Thursday-Friday 4 – 7 pm or by appointment

To make an appointment for a tour outside these hours, contact: please contact Paolo Schianchi paolo@floornature.com (groups of a minimum of 5 people)

On October 15 the travelling exhibition “Migrant Garden. Untouchable Landscapes” opens at SPAZIOFMG: a non-profit project presented by seven young architects addressing the theme of contemporary living with the aim of promoting a culture of architecture that demonstrates awareness of the importance of the landscape and protection of the environment.

40 architects and designers from all over the world were asked to participate in the study, which, starting with the issue of forced migration of birds from the island of Pinedo, in the province of Piacenza, use the birdhouse as an architectural metaphor encouraging wider-ranging reflection on the theme of nomadism, interpreted in relation to the concept of dwelling. The result is an original exhibition bringing together 40 different interpretations of the home and the domestic sphere.

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