Iris Ceramica and Modena Volley: promoting sports and community together

Iris Ceramica is the official sponsor of Modena Volley for the second year in a row, and the brand’s logo will appear on the Modenese volleyball team and the youth teams’ uniforms in the 2018-2019 season.


Iris Ceramica will be on the volleyball court with Modena Volley once again this year, continuing the partnership begun two years ago with the team competing at the highest level of the Italian Volleyball League.


The partnership has been renewed with a view to the common goal of promoting sports and the local community, expressing the common values shared by the company and the team and supporting the Modena community that has written the history of volleyball in Italy and is the focus and location of the Group’s headquarters and biggest production facilities.


“Supporting Modena Volley again this year means underlining the importance of teamwork for achieving results, both in sports and in business,” says Iris Ceramica Group CEO Federica Minozzi, “We are happy and honoured to support a team in the local community that shares our key values of rigour, ethics and social responsibility, investing in young people and in research”.


This important partnership confirms the Iris Ceramica brand’s vicinity to the world of sports and testifies to the company’s desire to consolidate its presence all over the country, investing in support for new talents and the promotion of excellence in Italy.

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