New Investments of Iris Group

Yesterday, March 13th, Pavel Chelpan, mayor of Stupino was a guest of the ceramic group Iris - GranitiFiandre, who is starting the construction of a major manufacturing plant in European Russia. Accompanied by Federica Minozzi the Russian mayor during the day paid a visit to the municipality of Sassuolo where he met his Italian counterpart, Luca Caselli.

As stated by Federica Minozzi during the official meeting between the two mayors, the IRIS-GRANITIFIANDRE group has created contacts with Stupino, a town in the Stupinsky district of Moscow Oblast, in the middle of European Russia. These new relationships are aimed to identify a land on which build a stategic plant to produce porcelain tile slabs – the top products of the group under the guidance of Romano Minozzi.

These investments amplify the already consolidated campaign of industrial and technological investments supported by the group in the plants of the ceramic district of Reggio Emilia and Modena: a territory the group is intimately linked to since over 50 years.

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