An event for the hospitality industry in Paris: EQUIPHOTEL 2018

Iris Ceramica and FMG - Fabbrica Marmi e Graniti present their custom-designed solutions for the hospitality industry in Paris.

EQUIPHOTEL TRADE SHOW - HOTEL & RESTAURANT BUSINESS PLACE, an important trade show for the hospitality industry, took place in Paris November 11 through 15 2018.  The two Iris Ceramica Group brands participated with a stand designed to show off all the potential of their ceramic tiles for interior decorating and underline the beauty of their floor and wall coverings.

The two brands’ assortment, sizes and range of products make them the ideal interlocutor for the world of contract supplies and the design of hospitality and restaurant facilities. Their experience and the services they offer for management of even the most complex projects add to the value of the high level and versatility of their materials, which also include outdoor and façade solutions.

On the walls of their booth at the trade fair, FMG’s new Maxfine onyx surfaces showed off their refined hues and trendy colours, while the floor of the both featured a product that is just as interesting for its stylistic versatility, FMG’s Venice Villa collection of full-body marbles.

The walls featured a dramatic decorative image of a woman’s face on materials from Iris Ceramica’s May collection, just one example of the potential of the exclusive DYS – Design Your Slabs service. This new service offered by Iris Ceramica employs an exclusive technology to fix any kind of image, pattern or graphics on ceramic slabs, in a new form of on-demand customisation adding a personal touch to spaces which is ideal for the contract industry, and particularly for restaurant and hotel projects.

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