Ceramic tradition and technical innovation: the new Iris Ceramica showroom in Rome

Based on a design by EDILFIORENTINI, Iris Ceramica ceramic surfaces have been used to enhance a new showroom in Rome, creating an attractive, welcoming space where visitors can appreciate all the unique qualities of the brand.

The ceramics used in the showroom are taken from some of the brand’s most famous collections.
The proposals come in a wide range of effects, sizes and colours: from marbles to stones, from dark shades to delicate whites, through all the intermediate nuances of many neutral colours and a variety of decorations.

With its distinctive strength that makes it an inviting, enchanting place, the showroom in Rome offers numerous solutions for enhancing any room, from kitchens through wellness spaces & bathrooms to offices.
A showroom where designer trends, ceramic craft traditions, contemporary aesthetics and cutting-edge technology blend naturally together.

In the showroom, the Diesel living with Iris Ceramica ceramics are concentrated in the gallery area, along with the office desk and staircase. The brand’s strong experimental nature is underlined on the wall, with proposals in the most traditional sizes: City Lights (25x75 cm) and Glass Dusty Black (20x20 cm): large formats with brilliant, lively geometric patterns that play with light and shadow. Again on the wall, the large format (300x150 cm) polished-finish Liquid Green texture has a dynamic appeal, with its original, flowing grain and high-impact white and green contrast.

The large format Liquid Stone Inox on the floor creates a spectacular effect, delicate in colour yet rich in detail, while being extremely easy to mix and match. In the bathroom, the alternating 10x30 cm formats Blaze Avio and Blaze Avio Decor by Iris Ceramica create a striking, harmoniously elegant atmosphere.

All the creative and exclusive proposals are ideal for both interior designs for residential and public spaces as well as the contract market.

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