Architectural Studio

This project may be divided into two parts: laying of wall and floor tiles indoors under the direction of the studios of architect Aldo Vavassori and covering the outside walls of the housing complex in which the studio is located. Inside the building, the primary goal for the design was to create an environment demonstrating an awareness of design and aesthetic quality that would act as the architect’s “business card”. This was done using a variety of Iris Ceramica materials, combined to create the desired surface effects and colours. This was definitely a challenge for the architect: inspired by contemporary artworks, he designed and played with materials to create a highly personal, exclusive design. The materials used include: Mida Oro and Turpan Nero (75x25) from the Le Vie della Seta 75 collection; Victoria (60x30 and 60x60), Orlov (30x30, 60x30 and 120x15), Red Shield (60x60), Paragon (60x60 and 120x6), Cocos Beige, Cafè and Tortora (60x30) from the collection, Tour Eiffel, Grande Arche and Brooklyn Bridge (66x33) from the Format collection.
The façade of the building was covered with Titanium (Screw variant, 45,7x45x7) from the Metal Line collection of modern tiles with a metallic finish for glamorous surfaces.