Atelier Iris Ceramica Lyon

Iris Ceramica’s porcelain stoneware is one of the top materials of choice in interior and exterior design projects, thanks to its aesthetic qualities and unparalleled long-term performance.

Resistance and versatility, combined with a design that incorporates all the main cladding materials, make it a leading international player, as demonstrated in the exhibition space recently set up in the city centre of Lyon, in Place Bellecour 2. Designed by the duePIU architects studio, the showroom expands the concept of the atelier as a place of invention and as an experimentation workshop. Thanks to the many natural and structured textured effects available on Iris Ceramica’s products, the atelier is actually a hybrid place, halfway between a workshop and an exhibition gallery. “The exhibition stands out for its strong contrasts, atmospheres and fascinating influences, designed to showcase the communicative power of the product, revealing the various souls of the group in a succession of different moods.” The materials presented in the atelier, from the eclectic Diesel Living with Iris Ceramica homestyle collections such as Camp Army Canvas Black and Liquid Cosmo Purple, to the Whole floors and Blaze and Freehand wall tiles, enhance the expressive potential of an innovative and exclusive ceramic material, which perfectly expresses and interprets ever-changing architectural languages.

In fact, these are the most striking aspects of Iris Ceramica’s collections, created in partnership with Diesel Living. Hyperrealist, elusive and always amazing, these collections are the pinnacle of recent “Made in Italy” production. Camp incorporates textures from the world of textiles (cloth, jute and canvas) that go well with glazed surfaces and the cool shades of stone, creating sophisticated environments with materials that can be easily matched. The horizon of Liquid Cosmo is even further away, with its marble veins in purple, green and grey shades that transform the tile into a “cosmic design”, creating an atmosphere as original as it is dreamlike. By playing with these effects and colors, the project by duePIU architects encompasses both tradition and innovation, with the original weaving of the brick vaulted ceiling of the atelier, which contrasts with the design of the interiors and tailor-made furnishings. This space is never the same, thanks to the many potential applications of the large format tiles, which combine light, colour and textures in ever-changing sequences.

Products used in this project