Bianco Riccio Suite Hotel

Bianco Riccio Hotel Suite is an elegant 4-star hotel in the town center of Savelletri di Fasano, in the province of Brindisi, a small seaside village along the Adriatic coast. Fully renovated according to a project by Architect Leonardo Cagnetta, it offers 37 contemporary-designed suites, each with a large panoramic terrace with sea view.

A key element of the work to be done on the building was to choose décor with natural effects and neutral hues, so that it could be in harmony with the local materials and colors. This specific design choice is the reason why the stone-effect porcelain stoneware by Iris Ceramica was chosen for tiling the suites.

The Pietra di Basalto collection was used in the rooms and applied to the flooring, in the 60x60 cm format and in the Beige color, both indoors – in a Natural finish – and outdoors on the balconies – with a Non-slip finish with R11 coefficient.

Pietra di Basalto is also featured in the large rooftop terrace that looks out onto the village and the Savelletri coastline. For the flooring, 60x60 cm modules in the Natural finish were used. The bright and textured Beige hue perfectly complements the surrounding nature and its many colors.

The porcelain stoneware surfaces by Iris Ceramica were chosen for their outstanding aesthetic appeal and proven technical performance, which makes them well suited to hospitality settings. Resistant to weathering, chemicals and wear and tear, waterproof and durable, easy to clean and sanitize: these features are what make them a must-have interior design solution.

Products used in this project