Black is back

Black is back is the name of a truly different residential project in Kiev dominated by the industrial style of Diesel Living with Iris Ceramica surface coverings, with which Ukrainian studio 33 by architecture relaunches the fashion for black in the home.

Responding to the wishes of the client, a young single who loves the timeless elegance of black, the architects transformed a 100 square metre apartment with an emphasis on wall and floor coverings.


Diesel Living with Iris Ceramica’s Hard Leather Tobacco surfaces create a new mood with black, a cosy atmosphere for the home interior. The many hues of black porcelain embody an image of cosiness and sociality.

Total black is not monotonous, because it’s the result of attentive use of different materials and finishes. The key to interpretation of black is the play of different hues that only becomes apparent when we explore the space, accompanied by attentive use of lighting. Light puts accents on spaces and settings, highlighting or subduing alternations of colour, as the case may be.


The entrance hall, covered with black stone on one side with bright golden bas-reliefs on the other, has a door to the guest bathroom, where Hard Leather Tobacco ceramic flooring by Diesel Living with Iris Ceramica creates a cosy yet functional design.

The bedroom area is destructured, allowing the bed, wardrobe and bathroom components to penetrate one another. The bathtub comes out of the bathroom and approaches the wardrobe, creating a boundary area raised 15 cm so that the bather can see out the window. The architects say the owner wanted to be able to contemplate the view of the city below while taking a bath.

Big mirrors, shelves lit up in blue and copper taps stand out against the porcelain floor and walls of the bathroom area. Diesel Living with Iris Ceramica ceramic slabs measuring 120x60 cm create an industrial mood and slow down the frenetic pace of city life with cosy hues of leather and tobacco.

Products used in this project