Building Z28 C

Building Z28 C designed by studio proArch bcd was built to contain shops and offices in the Mezzocammino district in southwest Rome. It occupies an important space in the district as one of the four buildings making up a local piazza. One side of the building overlooks the piazza, while the other side opens onto the park, setting an example of how to achieve harmony between architecture and the environment.
The building is designed incorporating new versions of architectural themes addressed in Italy in an original way between the 1930s and ’60s: specifically the ratio between base, elevation and cornice, the juxtaposition of pure volumes and the use of long-lasting materials. The project is particularly inspired by a number of exemplary projects by Luigi Moretti, Mario Ridolfi and other particularly talented architects in the school of Rome.
The high frequency of seismic events and the building’s position strongly influenced the choice of materials. In order to take advantage of the climatic and energy conservation benefits of ventilated walls, the studio chose cladding materials which not only ensure good aesthetic quality (in terms of both surfaces and dimensions) but also offer outstanding durability and require little maintenance. This is the reason for the choice of Cassamatta (120x60 size) from the Architect collection by Iris Ceramica.