Cersaie 2010 - Iris Ceramica stand

Iris Ceramica stand at Cersaie 2010 was designed by young designer Simone Cagnazzo, who drew his inspiration from the variety of the new collections – Piasentine, Rays and Opera – to propose new versions of different spaces (such as the bathroom, the living room and the outdoors). His settings are all domestic or public places where everyday life takes place, and they all centre around a tree: the legendary "tree of life", symbol of Iris Ceramica’s focus on the environment. "Materials that live and let live": this is the concept behind the stand, covered with materials in new styles with new functions which in the allegory become lungs for the body and the soul, where visitors can breathe in visual and tactile sensations and emotions. The message is "active sustainability", which means working together towards a future of innovative ideas and concrete actions inspired by the need for a green planet.

The living room is Opera, noble stones, the perfect expression of master craftsmanship and ceramic design, associated with and enhanced by latest generation technologies. The bathroom is Rays, an ever-contemporary collection in which deep colours and dazzling light irradiate the room. The entrance hall is covered with Piasentine, a material suitable for constructions of particular architectural value or small spaces of intimate, essential purity. The garden pavement is made of "activated" Piasentina Beige, anti-pollutant and anti-bacterial tiles made using the special Active Clean Air & Antibacterial Ceramic™production process.