Dispensa Emilia

Italy’s biggest “Dispensa Emilia” restaurant has opened in Modena, featuring Iris Ceramica materials.

Dispensa Emilia is a “tigelleria” serving the traditional local “tigelle”, grilled bread circles, combining the pleasures of fine dining featuring top quality gastronomic specialties from Emilia with an innovative restaurant format based on rapid service, plenty of choice and affordable prices.

The restaurant’s kitchen and bathrooms feature Calx Panna 10x30 slabs, from the simple, attractive Calx collection combining a vintage look with the minimalism of today’s trendiest interiors. The restaurant exudes the warm, cosy atmosphere traditionally associated with the region of Emilia, and CALX slabs perfectly reflect the restaurant’s cosy, home-like feel. The slab, with its neutral hues and special pieces in a vintage mood, is also perfect for external use, perfectly reconciling past and present.

In the kitchen, where the local speciality, tigelle, is prepared fresh every day, cooked when ordered and filled with fresh ingredients, a second “Made in Iris” product is used: 120x60 “Pietra di Basalto slabs in the colour “Moro”, the perfect combination of advanced technological research and nature. Pietra di Basalto slabs are slightly faded, and combine the emotions engendered by stone surfaces with the high-tech performance of porcelain stoneware.

Products used in this project