Grillo Sport
The Afragola store in “Le Porte di Napoli” shopping centre is a GrilloSport retail outlet selling famous brands of sportswear and accessories. GrilloSport stores share the same architectural character, a format which has been consolidated over the years, but the presence of various highly recognisable brand corners requires a certain degree of neutrality.

The walls and floors are covered with Orlov and Uni Bianco (60x60 size) tiles from Iris Ceramica’s collection; the neutral but bold hues and soft lines in which the tiles are laid make this building, penalised by the presence of numerous beams and pillars, less flat and rigid. The materials laid were chosen both for their excellent technical performance and for their appearance: the two products combine the benefits of porcelain stoneware, above all strength, with the elegance and prestige of today’s refined surfaces .