Hotel Atlantic

Interior design projects of all kinds are increasingly relying on the performance of porcelain, demonstrating the versatility of this highly flexible material.

The many applications that make good use of the potential of IRIS Ceramica high-tech ceramics include spas and hospitality facilities such as hotels and swimming pools: places where people want to relax, where ceramic materials contribute to the sensation of intimacy and well-being they desire.

The Hotel Atlantic Spa in Gabicce Mare (PU), a resort only a few steps away from the beach and the Adriatic Sea, the ideal spot for families and holiday-makers to enjoy a relaxing break, chose Iris Ceramica materials.

A well-known seaside resort on the Romagna coast, Gabicce Mare is the first town just over the border in the Region of Marche, only a few kilometres from Riccione and Rimini and the “Marco Simoncelli World Circuit” motorcycle racetrack in Misano-Santa Monica.


E-wood Grey, Pietra di Basalto in Grey and Urban Style Nero black are the materials used to cover the walls and floors in the Hotel Atlantic Spa.

An inspired, highly expressive choice representing the best of contemporary design: Pietra di Basalto expresses all the warmth and stratification of natural stone from very first glance, with its speckles and fine traces reproducing the results of natural tectonic movements. The flooring in the hotel rooms and bathrooms makes use of the warmth of E-Wood, one of Iris Ceramica’s principal wood-effect materials, conveying all the naturalness of wood, a classic covering material. The listel format in the colour grey contributes to the atmosphere in the hotel rooms in combination with wooden furniture and light-coloured bathroom accessories, while the dark shade of Urban Style used in the bathrooms is simple yet precious, combining innovation with craftsmanship.


In addition to these materials, the Hotel Atlantic project has a customised Iris Ceramica slab (in the 300x150 cm size) depicting the much-loved motorcycle racer, world champion in the 250 cc class, Marco Simoncelli (1987-2011), chosen by his father Paolo Simoncelli.

The big slab commemorating the MotoGP champion was made using innovative “DYS - Design Your Slabs” technology, which can be used to customise surfaces with images of any kind, from photographs to illustrations and complex graphics.

"DYS - Design Your Slabs" is an opportunity Iris Ceramica Group offers for interior design of businesses and service facilities, particularly for the hospitality industry: an innovative, high-impact solution adding to the potential of today’s large ceramic slabs.

Products used in this project