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The hotel stands on Monte Sarago, one of the hills on which the town of Ostuni is built. Located in the Upper Salento Peninsula between the Valle d’Itria, the last offshoots of the Murge plateau and the marvellous Adriatic coast, the hotel is both leisure and business oriented and meets the expectations of guests who want to spend pleasant days wandering about the medieval village of Ostuni and exploring its beautiful surroundings as well as travellers in the area on business.
The existing building, constructed in the 40s as an manufacturing workshop, is characterised by rational architecture expressing the culture and taste of the day. The difficulties involved in the project due to the need to preserve the existing building led to a major study of the internal layout of spaces which would meet the requirements of current legislation (such as fire safety legislation) while offering the best solutions giving all the hotel rooms an elegant, contemporary, welcoming feel. The rationality of the architecture is therefore mitigated by use of furnishings, materials and colours which add character and uniqueness to what was originally an industrial building.

The choice of materials used to cover the building’s surfaces played an important role in the structure’s transformation. The flooring in the hall, the restaurant, the bathrooms and the conference rooms is made of Factory porcelain stoneware (60x120 size) from the Architect collection, which, in combination with the linearity of the furnishings and the colours of the surfaces, give the hotel an elegant Mediterranean look. In the bar area, Cocos from the collection conveys a feeling of elegance and warmth trhough its hues and unusual texture.
In the hotel rooms, Madreperla Bianco< (60x60) from the collection goes perfectly with the white plaster: the white surface sets off the brilliance of the rooms and the minimal spaces, while the waves in the surface create a visual and tactile sensation of softness and wellbeing. The bathrooms contrast with this style, featuring products from the Velvet collection in different colours (Avio, Terra and Giallo) and sizes (33x33 on the floor and 25x46 on the walls), depending on the light levels and fittings in different bathrooms.
The spaces, materials and colours used in the hotel are intended to satisfy both aesthetic and functional requirements. The choice of two different dominant colours, a dark colour in the common areas and white in the rooms, emphasises the functional specialisation of spaces.