Hotel Vier Jahreszeiten

4-Star Superior Hotel Vier Jahreszeiten is located in Iserlohn, a city in the far north of Sauerland, in central-west Germany. Nestled in the forest close to Lake Seilersee, it offers welcoming stays and an unforgettable experience in peaceful natural surroundings. The recently completed ‘Haus am Wald’ (House in the Woods) extension next to the main hotel building called ‘Haus am See’ (House by the Lake), consists of five floors, and 77 rooms and suites, all completely integrated into the surrounding landscape.

Iris Ceramica ceramics, noted for their sustainability, hygiene, safety and exceptionally attractive appearance, were chosen for various communal areas and the new rooms.

Blue Patch Decor, Blue Patch Gold and Brown Patch Decor in 20x20cm Glossy from the Belike collection were chosen for walls in the service area close to the conference rooms.

120x60cm format stone-effect Whole, in White and Grey tones take center stage in the rooms. Outside, an Antislip finish in 20mm thickness was chosen for balconies and terraces, custom-made for the hotel. Whole in the Active Surfaces® version was used for walls and floors inside.

Eco-active Active Surfaces® harness the catalytic properties of titanium oxide combined with silver, and feature antibacterial and antiviral (also anti-Covid-19), anti-pollution, anti-odor and self-cleaning properties. ISO certified and covered by two European patents, their properties remain unchanged for the surfaces’ entire life cycle. As a result of light (natural or artificial) and moisture in the air, they are able to eradicate bacteria, viruses, fungi and mold. In the same way, they also remove unpleasant odors, counteract the formation of particulate pollutants and prevent dirt from adhering, making spaces healthier and more comfortable. In addition, Active Surfaces® are sustainable since they are recyclable and manufactured with 40% recycled materials in zero-emission factories.

Particularly suited to communal areas such as those in hospitality, Iris Ceramica ceramics and Active Surfaces® are the ideal solution to ensure ease of cleaning, health and safety. Combustion, Whole and Belike designs perfectly complement the essence of Hotel Vier Jahreszeiten Iserlohn; a hotel defined by its peaceful, relaxed atmosphere seamlessly linking indoors and outdoors.

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