Iceland Parliament Hotel, Curio Collection by Hilton

The Iceland Parliament Hotel, part of the Curio Collection by Hilton opened its doors In the heart of Reykjavik, close to the Parliament. The hotel complex, which combines cultural-architectural heritage and contemporary design, offers a multi-faceted portrait of the capital, alongside the concept of top class hospitality with a strong identity. With its specific design and style, the structure interprets the spirit of the Icelandic capital, combining comfort with refinement, and elegance with unique style.

Project coordination and management were entrusted solely to THG Arkitektar, one of Iceland’s leading architectural practices employing around 35 professionals. The studio oversaw various stages, including identifying the objectives of investment groups, identifying parameters in terms of architectural style, planning and distribution of spaces, implementing structural and service requirements, and also determining the interior design.

The Iceland Parliament Hotel architecture is simultaneously distinctive and complex since it links three historic buildings that are very important in local collective memory - the former Telecommunications headquarters, first Icelandic girls’ school and Independence Hall - with new buildings. From a stylistic point of view, the latter features an eclectic, modern aesthetic appearance, complementing buildings in the city center which traditionally are limited in size and height, with sloping roofs and various colors.

This concept of eclecticism is also found in interior fittings where great attention has been paid to selecting and combining materials, while fully respecting local styles. Featuring many custom-made furnishings in styles that occasionally deliberately contrast with each other, the unique design is intended to create a residential look while offering guests a journey through the history of Iceland.

With respect to ceramic surfaces, Iris Ceramica, alongside other Holding brands, was chosen for its porcelain stoneware, widely recognized for proven performance properties of resistance and durability alongside their stunningly attractive appearance. The Pietra Basalto collection in 120x60 format was selected for the luxurious Spa in the basement of the former Telecommunications headquarters which includes a thermal spa area, sauna and steam baths, plus massage and wellness treatment rooms. Used for flooring, it is highly prized for its low reflectivity, natural look and sense of harmony. Due to its soft, welcoming tones, the same ceramics were also used for flooring in the en-suite bathrooms and entrance hall.

With their understated, elegant graphics, Iris Ceramica surfaces gracefully and discreetly complement the rooms in the Iceland Parliament Hotel. Unique in terms of location and design, it offers an exclusive and immersive experience. Due to their superb performance, such as resistance, ease of cleaning and maintenance, and durability over time, the Brand’s technical ceramics perfectly meet the needs of hotels which must always guarantee guests and clients the greatest level of comfort, safety and well-being.

Hotel Group - Berjaya Iceland Hotels
Project design and management - THG Arkitektar
Project architect - Freyr Frostason
Leading architect & Interior designer - Paolo Gianfrancesco
Construction designer - María Gómez De S. Alises
Architect - Heiðar Samúelsson
Architect - Grímur Víkingur Magnússon
Project Manager - Samúel Guðmundsson
Start date - 2015
Officially opened - December 2022

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