Iris Ceramica Group London

The Iris Ceramica Group exhibition space in London, designed by the architectural and design firm Area 17, is a welcoming and sophisticated environment featuring innovative, state-of-the-art technical ceramic solutions.
Located in a building overlooking Old Street in Clerkenwell, the exclusive gallery features materials by Iris Ceramica along with the many collections produced in collaboration with the lifestyle brand Diesel Living.

The eclectic and evocative materials jointly developed by Diesel Living with Iris Ceramica offer an innovative gallery to be experienced and not just visited, where the most refined design and the charm of Made in Italy products are the core values of the company and its brands.

The many collections in the showroom are all driven by the desire to experiment. This is achieved by combining surfaces and furnishings that remind us of different functions and natures, reflecting the blending of cultures and images that characterises Diesel Living with Iris Ceramica.

In particular, the Grunge Concrete collection, in the Rebel White, Grey and Black variants, is inspired by urban concrete that has been damaged over the years by marks, cracks and scratches.
The multi-coloured look of Liquid Purple, Green and Grey, instead, is a “cosmic design” that is barely captured by the large slab and is ideal for customising environments, in keeping with the latest trends in contemporary design.

Products used in this project