Isokinetic Torino

The Isokinetic sports medicine and rehabilitation centre in Turin is an outstanding new construction, a specialised centre for orthopaedic treatment in which the flooring takes advantage of all the technical and aesthetic potential of Iris Ceramica materials. The Isokinetic Group’s interior design by architect Giacomo della Villa represents the evolution of a project that began in the early nineties and now has numerous locations in Italy as well as a centre in London. The Isokinetic centre in Turin stands in the historic city centre, on the site of the important architectural project known as Quadrato, involving restoration of the ancient convent of Sant’Agostino. Quadrato is an architectural project configured as a blend of modernity and history which incorporates archaeological finds from the age of imperial Rome, revealing that the courtyard was already at that time known as "a place of health and wellness".

Distributed on several levels, the Isokinetic centre in Turin includes a pool, a gym, a Green Room and specialised clinics: a youthful, professional, dynamic facility in which Iris Ceramica products were chosen for their performance and aesthetic qualities. The strength of the best Iris Ceramica porcelain is associated with a very vast range of highly versatile products of innovative design, expressed through a highly varied palette of colours, effects and finishes. Isokinetic’s choice of Iris Ceramica materials was oriented toward the Shire collection, including Dorset (R11, in the 60x60 and 30x60 sizes) and Calx, in the colours Panna and Grigio (10x30). In compliance with the standards set by local public health units, which require use of category R11 materials, such as Shire Dorset, the Iris Ceramica materials used in the project are particularly appropriate for premises with high humidity levels. The chosen colours stand out for their sobriety, warmth and delicate expressiveness. Installed in places for rehabilitation and care of the body, Iris Ceramica coverings help to create an atmosphere of harmony and serenity, far removed from the typical image of the classic hospital interior.

Prodotti utilizzati in questo progetto