Kion Spa

Kion, a company offering information technology applications and solutions for universities, has modernised its offices, inspired by a wish to identify with its location and implement an environmentally compatible and ecologically efficient transformation.

The project aimed to achieve a high level of comfort in the working environment, using natural light and controlling and managing temperature and humidity levels, with use of advanced experimental technologies. The idea was to create a flexible "productive machine" that would be energy efficient thanks to the quality of the materials and technological solutions chosen, without giving up the alternation of full and empty volumes that gives the building its distinct character.

The choice of ceramics as a construction material took into account the project requirements in terms of performance and aesthetics, paying special attention to environmental value and privileging ANAB certified materials. These materials primarily respond to the need for strength and elegance. The materials used are Crystalwood and Greywood (120x60, 120x30 and 60x60) from Iris Ceramica’s Porcelainwood collection.