In Ginza, one of the most glamorous and exclusive districts in Japan, among the most elegant fashion boutiques, the most stylishly alluring restaurants and sushi bars, a clinic entirely dedicated to regenerative treatments and the recovery of an aesthetic form has been this year inaugurated. A peaceful oasis in the bustling, crowded streets. Conceived by Union-Tec design group, it has been followed in its realization by the architects Daisuke Okuma and Eri Nagashima. Envisioned as a 'sanctuary dedicated to beauty', it derives its inspiration from an highly authoritative source which dates back to the vernacular of a culture, that has always been intimately linked to Mother Nature from the very beginning. 

The ambience is marked by the formal choice of the curvilinear line, which welcomes starting from the entrance with a gesture of a comfortable embrace. The walls develop in their sinuous evolution and a discreet, indirect light that diffuses from the rounded profiles of the false ceilings, enliven their fluidity. The monolithic material selected to cover the floor and part of the walls evokes a white marble with amber-colored streaks that, merging with the purity of a dominant atonality, generates a lot of intimacy, highlighting the organicity of the forms and offering the impression of having been partially carved out of the block of marble. The slabs belong to the recent Cosmic Marble collection, a true icon of Made in Italy, created by the partnership between Diesel Living with Iris Ceramica, which gave life to the range of Diesel Living with Iris Ceramica ceramic surfaces. The intervention intends to recreate a warm and relaxing atmosphere, choosing light tones that emphasize accents of precious metals’ details and finishes. The reception room, as a space of serene, pleasant waiting, has been wrapped by Cosmic Marble Lune tiles, which, thanks to the seamless continuity of a precious texture, exalt theessence and aesthetics of the design, adding a touch of superb elegance in accordance with the exquisite refinement of the polished brass which becomes alive under the light with its multiple reflections. The composition is harmoniously balanced by the overall chromatic neutrality alternating with more intensely pigmented accents.There are very sophisticated moments that polarize the attention, like a luminous trail that descends from the ceiling and meanders along the corridor leading to the private rooms, reserved for regenerative treatments. The chandelier, composed of a cascade of tiny glass petals disposed around imperceptible threads falling copiously and at different heights, due to the translucency of the glass in a burnished saffron hue, releases sparks of golden brightness, prelude to a radiance that will be found after the treatments.

Light, as a compendium of beauty and vitality, is the name that has been very appropriately chosen to represent the institute. The niche and the reception desk, flanked by an arch-shaped passage with a door in golden finish that lure the curiosity with their mysterious and fascinating presence, create a special corner enriched by the sumptuousness of the veins and shades of the Cosmic Marble Lune ceramic, which, inspired by distant worlds, evokes the galactic streaks and halos, and the pallor of the lunar surface. Amalgams and fusions of particles of great value draw dynamic nuances, giving a particular energy to a place dedicated to the rejuvenation of a vital lymph able to restore brilliance to a beauty become a little opaque over time. An impressive color palette that promises a journey with radiant destinations.

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