Maison Objet 2013

Immortal words on ceramics

Maison&Objet 2013 took place in a dreamlike atmosphere for Iris Ceramica.
The international trade fair dedicated to interior design trends, which explores every world and decorative style in order to renew and inspire, allowed Iris Ceramica to create a new universe.
The Iris Ceramica world was forged ex novo for the occasion, displaying a new expression of the possibilities offered by HiLite tiles, due to their imposing size and flexibility.
The appeal of literature and the immortal words of leading figures of every age were the inspiration for the creation of an original space, where HiLite tiles proved excellent tools for transmitting classic and timeless literary texts.

The opening of “Inferno” in “The Divine Comedy” , Captain Ahab’s pursuit of Moby Dick and the audacity of Dumas’ Three Musketeers came to life once again on Iris Ceramica’s large tiles, enriching a ceramic material already dense with study and technology with poetry.
HiLite tiles were decorated with the lovely words of the most famous of these works of art, becoming masterpieces of ceramics themselves.
This is a trend that Iris has also highlighted through its partnership with the artist Erio Carnevali from Reggio Emilia, which has led to two new decorations for the HiLite collection, Colore Italiano and Mistero Blu, two large 300x150 size tiles where imagination runs free, blending the cerulean blue of the sea with the bright crimson shades of sunset on their surface.

Products used in this project