Pizzeria Altero

STUDIO P9 Ing. Presti Alberto

Pizzeria Altero, an institution in street food in Bologna, uses IRIS Ceramica’s Hi-lite tiles.

1.    What is the key idea behind the project?
The product is the centre of the store: it’s not just a take-out pizza, it’s a symbol of the city. It may be hard to understand if you didn’t grow up in Bologna, but this is what Altero is all about : a simple, wholesome product, greasy fingers, burning your tongue because you can’t wait for that delicious slice of pizza to cool before you sink your teeth into it.

2.    What are the challenges of the project?
Updating an established format while maintaining the brand’s style and nature: a quick, simple, inexpensive, wholesome meal in a spacious, comfortable location with seats where you can stop to eat your slice without giving people the impression it’s going to be a formal, expensive, time-consuming meal.

3.    And how did you meet these challenges?
With the choice of materials and colours: bright colours in the room where customers first enter, welcoming them with a fresh, youthful atmosphere; warm and sober in the production are, where simple, natural products are prepared and transformed with great care and love.There are two key focuses in the Pizzeria: the counter, and the back wall against which it stands out. The counter defines the character of the restaurant with its slender geometry and natural materials, wood and lava stone, evoking the concepts of solidity and naturalness which define the product: “Pizza di Altero”. This item of furniture rests naturally against the big wall covered floor to ceiling with magnificent “Ribbon” tiles. I loved the idea of having the counter stand out against these “marsh reeds” in warm, harmonious hues, with a brushed resin coating that casually underlines the wall’s contrast and depth.

4.    What were the benefits?
Great visual and spatial impact of the work area and a welcoming brightly lit room.

5.    What were the client’s requests, and how did the choice of materials meet them?
Focusing attention on the product and creating a space that would harmonise with it; to update a trademark and a brand that has been in the city's imagination for 60 years to the present day.