Portofranco Onlus

Portofranco è is a study centre where volunteers help students in middle schools and secondary schools with their homework and with remedial study programmes. The non-profit association has set up chapters in many Italian towns since 2000.

In early 2011 the association opened a new chapter in Via Papiniano (Milan), restoring a historic building with the aim of improving the structure's overall efficiency , especially in terms of energy consumption. The renovation project applied to many aspects of the building: from insulating the roof to replacing the external window frames, from using efficient heat pumps to improving acoustics.
The choice of floor and wall covering materials was also based on the criteria of environmental performance: the school’s washrooms are tiled with Orosei Active by Iris Ceramica, anti-pollutant and anti-bacterial tiles produced by the Active Clean Air & Antibacterial Ceramic™ production process.