Residenziali Ariete e Sagittario

The Ariete and Sagittario apartment buildings were renovated as part of the plan for redevelopment and consolidation of buildings in the Modena area following the 2012 earthquake. They are buildings in the typical local style, consisting of a reinforced concrete frame with perforated brick curtain walls covered with bare brick masonry. To optimise thermal performance, earthquake safety and aesthetic value, the architect covered the building with a ventilated façade. This choice offered benefits in terms of lightness, thermal insulation and easy maintenance, combined with use of special profiles in the ventilated façade permitting anchorage to the reinforced concrete stringcourses (with resistance values certified by the manufacturer), and solved the problem of the curtain wall covered with lightweight panels that would not offer the support required for plaster finishes or conventional wall coverings. The architect chose Granitech's GHV ventilated façade system, featuring CASSAMATTA 120x60 cm porcelain tiles with visible retaining hooks and a vertical piece to support incident loads on the façade and transfer them directly to the edge beams.