In the design of spaces dedicated to hospitality, based on wellbeing and providing the maximum comfort for individuals and families, every aspect and detail can make the difference.
Covered surfaces play an essential role in hospitality facilities, such as hotels and resorts, and for this reason the technical ceramic slabs by Iris Ceramica represent one of the main reference points in the sector. This is also thanks to the many projects the company has carried out in a variety of indoor and outdoor environments.

The recently opened Soller Business Hotel in Munich makes use of all the latest generation services in order to guarantee a guest experience that is both pleasant and relaxing, offering 123 rooms including 18 suites (from 23 to 83 sqm).
The Iris Ceramica materials chosen for the floors and walls of the bathrooms in the rooms and suites, as well as in the spa zone, contribute to creating an exclusive and charming hotel with all the comforts.
In fact, the Soller Hotel offers a relaxation zone with sauna, massage, and Turkish bath, as well as two conference rooms and a bar and restaurant with outdoor terrace.

In addition, with its gardens full of flowers, shrubbery and trees, the Soller Hotel has a green heart that stands out particularity because of the creation of a habitat for colonies of bees. They are in fact essential insects for the balance of nature and thus for human life itself, but are now risking extinction. The Soller Hotel protects and fosters the gathering of nectar and pollen, consequently producing its own honey, which is also offered to guests.
For the floors and walls of the bathrooms in the rooms and suites, as well as in the spa zone, slabs were chosen from the Camp and Hard Leather collections by Diesel Living with Iris Ceramica, the innovative partnership of the two of the most well-known brands of Made in Italy products, inspired by an industrial and metropolitan style. Like all the other Diesel Living with Iris Ceramica collections, Camp and Hard Leather share the presence of eye-catching, expressive colors deriving from original materials for the wall coverings, such as glass, oxidized metal, jute and canvas.

It expresses a new, experimental language designed for contemporary environments that focus on the desire to personalize the space.
The atmospheres of the Camp collection materials (Army Canvas Green variant, 120x60 and 30x10 cm) installed in the Soller Business Hotel in the bathrooms of the standard rooms, are declared transpositions of patterns from the world of textiles.

Hard Leather, on the other hand, is used in the Moss Natural variant (120x60 cm size) for the bathrooms of the suites, and in Slate Natural (120x60, 60x60 and 30x30 cm) for the spa, which also includes mosaics. Hard Leather is a charming collection inspired by natural leather, ideal for environments with a bold character and strong visual impact, where the delicacy of the color shades fosters sensory harmony and balance, an aspect always sought after in settings dedicated to wellness.

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