SPA - Hotel Laerchenhof

The Laerchenhof, a 5-star hotel in the beautiful Tyrol, offers visitors numerous services including tennis courts and golf courses, a fitness area and an attractive Wellness Centre.
The spa is intended to be as a place to relax, find peace and forget the stress of everyday life. This oasis of wellness is inspired by ancient Greek and Roman baths and the great care taken in its design is reflected in every little detail.

This is the reason for the choice of Quarzite Dorada (from the Quarziti collection, in the 30x60 size), a porcelain stoneware that looks like natural stone in warm, bright hues to give the spaces an elegant, hospitable feel. Their surface properties ensure that Quarziti are appreciated not only for their aesthetic qualities but for their great strength and suitability for potentially hazardous areas such as swimming pools, where a high non-slip coefficient is essential.

Prodotti utilizzati in questo progetto