Università Telematica Pegaso Napoli

Due to their versatility, Iris Ceramica large format tiles can be used in all situations, whether public or domestic. Of these, multi-purpose areas and offices pose the greatest design challenge in view of a multitude of specific requirements, alterations or additions which may overlap during the construction period. The almost 2-year project for the construction of new offices for the Università Telematica Pegaso at the Naples Business Center by De Rosa Architects was completed efficiently and practically, in part due to the provision of Iris technical ceramics. Over and above the traditional concept of renovation, the work at Pegaso University made maintaining its entire unitary character a priority, even though it extended over 7 floors of approximately 500 sq.m. each with a specific use. All the requested variations were accommodated during the contract period. Only the 21st floor, allocated to the Dean and general management, was modified to provide a more prestigious ambiance. Rather more than office space, it was designed to include a welcoming reception area to entertain guests, featuring a coffee bar at the entrance and a kitchen with adjoining dining area, to encourage more informal meetings. To optimize these aspects, the walls of the management office were tiled with sophisticated Avenue Amber tiles. Their refined yet contemporary aesthetic perfectly complements all types of furnishings, creating a pleasant, comfortable and serene atmosphere. Iris Ceramica large format Grey Metal and Grey Chrome 300 x 100 and 240 x 100 tiles were laid in communal areas, while Avenue Plumb tiles were chosen for the lift area and pillars. Black Metal tiles were chosen for flooring in the majority of the rooms, particularly due to their distinctive look and toughness. The tiles’ large format helps to provide spatial continuity of the surfaces with no interruptions, while maintaining the same identical appearance throughout all the rooms. Selecting large format tiles also enabled us to obtain results that would otherwise not have been possible, adding the option of cutting tiles to meet specific requirements to the aesthetic benefits and excellent resistance typical of porcelain tiles. Featuring eye-catching, innovative designs in neutral shades, with an artisan, handcrafted touch, the Aura collection also offers excellent aesthetic performance. The wide variety of decorative tile inserts are the perfect solution for creating a post-industrial ambiance, while variations in style on the individual pieces make each bathroom particularly striking.

Distributor: Spazio Iris Benefit Corporation Napoli

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